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wold bird seed wholesalers

Wholesale Wild Bird Seed Suppliers UK
 If you are looking to purchase Wild Bird Seed at wholesale prices for Pet Stores, Farm Shops or Online Stores.
We offer Wholesale Pricing for Bulk Purchases from Swainson's Family Mill. Cut out the middleman and come straight to the source, saving you and your customers' money.
Simply contact Swainston Bird Seeds by filling in the contact form, and we will contact you to discuss what you would like. You can also contact us by phone, which is on the contact page.
wholesale wild bird seed suppliers uk
We can mix different Wild Bird Seeds & Straights to make up a full pallet of 50 20kg sacks, so that you don't have to purchase 50 - 20kg sacks of each.
We will then pick and pack the order place and wrap on a pallet and ship them to your place of business at very competitive pricing. This way you can sell our quality Wild Bird Seeds to your customers.
We always have large stock levels available at our warehouse at all times, ready for shipment.
It is really easy to order and we will ship your order same day or on the next working day.