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wild bird seed wholesalers

At Swainston Bird Seed, we're excited to extend our offerings to cater to your wholesale needs. Imagine the convenience of having a diverse selection of Wild Bird Seeds & Straights bundled into a full pallet of 50 20kg - 12.75kg sacks, eliminating the need to purchase 50 individual 20kg sacks of each variety.

Our commitment to simplifying your sourcing journey doesn't stop there. Once your order is placed, our dedicated team meticulously hand-picks and packs your selection, expertly wrapping it on a pallet. This carefully curated package is then promptly shipped to your place of business. We take pride in offering this service at remarkably competitive pricing, allowing you to introduce our premium Wild Bird Seeds to your valued customers with confidence.

What sets us apart in this wholesale endeavour is our unwavering dedication to quality and variety. With our extensive range of Wild Bird Seeds & Straights, we're not just offering seeds – we're nurturing connections between your business and nature enthusiasts. From the robust songs of the finches to the whimsical flutter of sparrows, your customers will delight in the abundance of avian visitors that our quality seeds attract.

Our commitment to wholesale excellence is backed by our impressive stock levels, ensuring that your orders are fulfilled promptly. Our warehouse is always brimming with our comprehensive selection, ready to be shipped and make their way to your esteemed establishment.

Placing a wholesale order with Swainston Bird Seed is a seamless process. Our user-friendly platform simplifies the procedure, and once your order is confirmed, you can expect it to be dispatched on the same day or the next working day. Our priority is ensuring that your customers have access to the freshest, finest quality bird seeds without delay.

Partner with us, and elevate your business with the allure of Swainston Bird Seed. Let's embark on a journey where quality meets convenience, nurturing your success as you nurture nature's harmony. Contact us today to explore the world of wholesale possibilities that await. 🛍️🕊️ #SwainstonBirdSeed #WholesaleExcellence

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