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About Swainston Bird Seed: A Legacy of Quality and Dedication

Our Family Tradition: With a legacy spanning over four decades, Swainston Bird Seed is proud to be a family-run business. For more than 40 years, we've been devoted to providing bird enthusiasts across the UK with exceptional bird seed mixes and straights that combine quality, consistency, and competitive pricing.

Our Quest for Excellence: Driven by our commitment to meet customer expectations, we've ventured across the globe to seek out the finest seeds available. Sourcing seeds and grains from various corners of the world, including New Zealand, Australia, China, India, Africa, Canada, U.S.A, and South America, alongside grains from the UK and Europe, we've meticulously curated an unparalleled selection.

Precision in Every Batch: At our Custom Built Mill located in Sedgefield, Co. Durham, we meticulously blend each batch to perfection. Our hands-on approach ensures that each seed and grain is mixed in precise quantities, allowing us to guarantee consistency in every batch. This unwavering commitment is what sets us apart and keeps our valued customers returning.

Unwavering Quality and Value: Our pride lies in delivering nothing short of the highest quality feeds for wild birds. From Starter Mixes to Premium Mixes and Seed Straights, our range caters to all bird enthusiasts. We've painstakingly built the Swainston Bird Seed brand, knowing that our reputation rests on the quality of our feeds. If it doesn't meet our stringent quality control, it doesn't make it into our mixes.

Meet Our Team: Behind Swainston Bird Seed is a dedicated husband and wife duo, Steve and Anne Swainston. We've diligently cultivated relationships with growers and suppliers worldwide, ensuring that only the freshest seeds and grains find their way into our mixes.

Direct to You: We're proud to be pioneers in our approach. We're the first in the UK to bring our products directly to you, cutting out intermediaries like wholesalers and retailers. When you order from Swainston Bird Seed, you're receiving products straight from our mill. Our commitment to transparency and convenience extends to our free delivery service across mainland UK, including Northern Ireland.

Our Promise: Quality and Value: While you might find cheaper bird seed online, know that quality is our hallmark. Our prices include delivery charges, and we assure you that our products are unrivaled in both quality and cost.

Choose Swainston Bird Seed, where our passion for quality, dedication to our customers, and commitment to nature's harmony come together to nourish both your feathered friends and your soul. 🕊️🌿 #SwainstonsBirdSeed #QualityNourishment